A short visit


Bernard Mennell

Bernard visited briefly on 22nd May 1977 with a quick trip to Beaufort and return.

Above: A view of Beaufort depot and station from the south. Both have since been rebuilt on a new alignment and the line going off left is part of a triangle used for turning. Interesting signal post on the right.

Below: The tin-roofed open-sided shed contains a selection of Wickham vehicles, the nearest one is numbered 90 and looks like a 32-seat trailer, either Wickham 5130 or 5132, with one of the Wickham caravans beyond it.

Above: A pair of Kawasaki locos with 29 leading rest in the middle road at Beaufort with a mixed train.

Below: Back at Tanjong Aru with Wickham railcar 54, part of the Flying Dusun set.

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